iPad Manufacturer FoxConn Makes Workers Pledge Not to Commit Suicide – Puts Safety Nets Around Buildings

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As reports of a 13th suicide or suicide attempt hits the wires today, the tech firm behind the iPad and many other Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard products is trying desperately to stem the tide of workers trying to kill themselves. FoxConn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant with over 800,000 employees, has resorted to an unconventional method to calm the panic felt by employees and Foxconn’s customers.


The company has assigned over 100 counselors, and in some instances, has employed monks to help ease troubled minds. After putting up safety nets around factory dorms and warehouses, FoxConn has taken the unusual step of making employees sign a pledge that prevents them from jumping to their deaths. After the chairperson of FoxConn, Terry Gou, Led reporters on a tour of it’s factories in Guangdong, China, another worker jumped to his death yesterday. There has got to be something wrong with either the working conditions or with the mindset of these workers. A passing remark that I’ve seen is that the Taiwanese supervisors are rougher on workers from mainland China. While statistically the ratio of suicides to the entire workforce is small, one life is too many.

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