iPhone 4 Antenna Problem Leads To Lawsuit: Can You Hear Me Now Steve Jobs?

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The iPhone 4 antenna problem has resulted in a lawsuit against AT&T and Apple. In the short time since the iPhone 4’s release, several users have reported issues with the antenna reception of the phone, they claim holding the phone a specific way can cause signal disruption. According to the techie website Gizmodo, the class action lawsuit charges both Apple and AT&T with general negligence, fraud, and breach of warranty among a long list of counts.

Although Apple CEO Steve Jobs has stated there are in fact no reception problems, the leaked internal Apple memo directing Apple employees on explaining to customers how to deal with the antenna problems would suggest otherwise. On top of which Apple is reportedly currently seeking out and hiring antenna engineers. Personally, this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes me never stand in line to be the first to buy a new product. Apple is notorious for having bugs with the first batch of any new product, so this latest  iPhone 4 issue should really not come as any surprise. What do you think, is a lawsuit really necessary or is it just an over the top response to typical new gadget issues?


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