iPhone 4 Antenna Reception Problem [VIDEO]

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Customers have been rushing Apple stores, and retailers to get their hands on the iPhone 4, but some users excitement has turned to aggravation as reception problems begin to surface for the device.


Initial Complaints started appearing on MacRumors where one user even posted a video showing the reception bars decreasing when their hands are placed over the antennas.



The site also reports users were able to prevent the reception problem if they placed their iPhone 4 in Apple’s bumper case which sells for $29.


As of yet Apple has not made an official comment on the glitch.


It definitely puts the iPhone 4 in question, especially with the device having just been released today, and makes me wonder if more issues are to follow.


What do you think of the iPhone 4 reception problem surfacing immediately? Have you purchased an iPhone 4? If so, have you been experiencing reception problems?




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