iPhone 5 Prank Video: Do You Want An iPhone 5 This Bad?

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In the Netherlands, and to the tune of the Andy Griffith Show, several Dutch pranksters thought up a way to give the coveted iPhone 5 to the masses while sitting back and having a laugh at their expense. And the iPhone 5 prank video goes viral according to the Daily Mail on Monday.

Who doesn’t want a free iPhone 5, right? So it’s easy to understand why the people in the iPhone5 prank video stoop down to scoop up the free find from a busy street corner.

IPhone 5(Photo Credit: Zach Vega)

No one seems to bent out of shape that they don’t get to keep the smartphone find. In fact, they appear to have a laugh themselves about not being able to remove it from the walk.

The iPhone 5 will not be available for purchase in the Netherlands until Friday, so the early find makes some give it the good ole college try in picking up the phone from the roadway. They just don’t realize it is stuck like glue (because glue was used to put it in place), so they eventually give up.

The pranksters involved (iPhone5nl), managed to gain access to the coveted smartphone ahead of the sale date. And it is a wonder they chose to glue it to the ground for the iPhone 5 prank video in lieu of playing with it themselves. But after their YouTube video went viral they can probably afford to buy a few more.

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