iPhone 5 Problems: More Issues for New Apple Smartphone

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The long-awaited iPhone 5 finally hit stores last month, but some Appleites are highly unimpressed with the latest addition to the Apple smartphone family. In fact the company has admitted some issues with the new handset.

Just one week after the new iPhone release date, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, apologised for the company’s “imperfect new Maps app,” which replaced Google Maps on Apple gadgets running off iOS 6. However the lacking maps application isn’t the only issue iPhone users are facing.

An article at USA Today says the problems range “from intolerably slow hang times when email is loading to frustrating battery life,” but also states that “overall customer satisfaction and demand remain high.”

One iPhone 5 owner says the new handsets battery drained completely from a 100 percent charge after just four hours of usage. Complaints about the “purple haze” on photos continue to surface. Apple says the flare occurs when users point the camera toward a light while snapping a picture, but consumers are saying the “haze” happens even when the camera is not pointed toward anything bright.

Hopefully Apple will find a solution for the “glitches” being reported for their 6th generation smartphone model.

Do you have the new iPhone? If so, have you experienced any issues with it?

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