iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors and News: Sales to be Driven by Loyal Apple Enthusiasts

iPhone 5 release date rumors and news show it won’t be features, specs, or concept designs that pull a seemingly endless line of consumers to their local Apple store come launch date. It will most likely be the loyal following, gained by Apple since the company launched their first iPhone back in 2007.

The 5th generation handset made its début last October, but the only noticeable difference for most consumers was the addition of Siri. Unless Apple has big plans to do a complete overhaul for their 6th generation smartphone design, specs and features, it seems unlikely the iPhone 5 release date will be a big enough draw for consumers who are not already Apple enthusiasts.

Since Apple customer satisfaction has been high overall, it seems likely the company won’t have to worry about a decline in large decline in sales — even if they don’t choose to change-up the iPhone 5 design. However, if they accept Android admirers to jump ship, they need to bring something new and unique to the table.

Do you think just another run of the mill Apple handset would hurt sales when the iPhone 5 release date arrives? Would you change from your current smartphone, Android, Microsoft or Blackberry, if the new Apple model were different than earlier designs?

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