iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors Now Claim Delay Due to Production Issues

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New rumors suggest the iPhone 5 release date has been delayed due to production issues. The Apple handset has not been confirmed as of yet, but hopefully these delay rumors are not legit. Apple lovers don’t want to wait even longer for this gadget to hit stores.

Interestingly enough, the iPhone 5 delay rumor places the release date for October of 2012. How is this a delay? The device is expected to have a late Summer or Fall release at this point — putting the Apple smartphone in customers’ hands by September or October — possibly as late as June.

Unless there is some secret confirmation for the iPhone 5 release date which only a select few outside of Apple are aware of, this delay rumor doesn’t seem to hold much weight.

At any rate, if there is a delay, it’s been said a production issue with Qualcomm is to blame. Qualcomm states they are experiencing issues with a 28-mn modem chip which was expected to be used for the rumored Apple smartphone.

iphone_imgA recent article quotes Qualcomm Chief Executive, Paul Jacobs as saying:

“At this stage we cannot secure enough supply to meet the increasing demand we are experiencing.”

Surely Apple has a backup plan for the launch of one of the most highly anticipated smartphones for 2012.

Apple isn’t the only company under scrutiny for smartphone delays. The Samsung Galaxy S3 release date has been under a lot of scrutiny of late, since the company has yet to confirm the launch of the new Android handset. At this time, all that is confirmed for the gadget is that it is indeed planned to launch in 2012. That is a lot more than information than Apple has given their customers in regards to their rumored 2012 mobile device début.

Is there really an iPhone 5 release date delay? Why would Apple launch a new handset less than a year after their earlier model? Thus why a June launch seems highly unlikely.

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