iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors with iOS 6 & Macbook Pro 2012 Expected at June WWDC

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Is the iPhone 5 release date set to be announced soon? Lately there has been a lot of speculation that the handset will be revealed soon, along with the Macbook Pro 2012 and iOS 6. Does this mean there is a chance the new iPhone might make an appearance at the WWDC in June? Anxious consumers and fans are hoping so, but since Apple is keeping quiet, no one really knows.

The WWDC, known for début event for Apple’s latest technologies, software, and products, is scheduled between June 11th and 15th. So far there has been no official word from the technology giant on whether they plan to announce the iPhone 5 release date at the WWDC, but that is typical Apple. With the iOS 6 launch speculation, Apple enthusiasts believe there may be a surprise launch for their 6th generation smartphone.

“Rumors circulating around the web are pointing towards a MacBook Pro refresh, the release of OS X Mountain Lion and announcements surrounding the hotly anticipated release of iOS 6, Apple’s reported next-generation mobile operating system.” Meanwhile, it isn’t only the new iPhone or iOS 6 getting attention from the community. The Macbook Pro 2012 release date is expected to be announced at the WWDC as well.

It seems the Macbook Pro has the best chances of making a splash at the WWDC, as Apple just debuted the 4S Siri model of their smartphones last October.

What do you think Apple has planned for the 2012 WWDC in June? Will their followers get an iPhone 5 release date announcement? Or will the event be for the launch of iOS 6 and the new Macbook Pro 2012?

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