iPhone 6 Release Date: Rumors and Features Update for 2013 Apple Smartphone

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Gadget lovers are already anticipating Apple’s iPhone 6 release date. As usual, nothing has been confirmed by the Cupertino based technology company, but this hasn’t stopped the endless amount of rumors on features, release information, and concept designs from hitting the Internet.

One article about iPhone 6 release rumors says Apple may be transitioning to a 6-month release time frame instead of their previous schedule of debuting one new handset a year. This has been speculated since Apple’s iPad Mini release happened just six months after the iPad 3 hit stores.

The article also mentions some rumors on iPhone 6 features — which are a hot topic right now — saying, “It’s now thought that the iPhone 6 will have a Sharp IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) screen. This new technology allows for screens that use less power and are considerably thinner. Rumors certainly picked up when the Sharp IGZO technology was demonstrated at CES 2013.” Another feature rumor for the 7th generation Apple smartphone is a possible 128GB storage capacity instead of the current 64GB model, and speculation that Apple may ditch the 16GB model altogether.

If the six-month release prediction proves true then consumers will be seeing news from Apple about the iPhone 6 release date within the next couple of months.

Do you think a new iPhone will launch earlier this year, or will Apple likely stick to their earlier release schedules of one new handset a year?

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