Iran Terror Plot Accusations Bring Warning From Iran’s Khameini

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Sunday Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned the US that steps taken against the country over an alleged terror plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States would trigger a “resolute” response.

Khamenei’s comments probably show Iranian concerns that Washington would use the Saudi ambassador Al-Jubeir case to ratchet up sanctions and recruit international support to try to further isolate Tehran. With President Obama claiming that the United States has proof that the Iranian plot was a genuine terrorist threat to the US that concern seems justified.

The details of the Iranian terror plot case made public by the Obama administration would be comical if they weren’t being accepted as true by most of the Washington inside the Beltway crowd. President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, VP Joseph Biden, and Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, and a bevy of congressmen have all expressed their concern.

Those Iran experts and analysts who closely follow political figures and events in Iran express serious doubts. The following comment is made by Prof. Juan Cole on his blog Informed Comment.

“I personally do not understand how the corporate media in the US can report the following things about Manssor Arbabsiar and then go on to repeat with a straight face the US government charges that he was part of a high-level Iranian government assassination plot.

It seems pretty obvious that Arbabsiar is very possibly clinically insane. Here are the top 10 reasons that he cannot be Iran’s answer to 007.”

As details emerge about Arbabsiar’s background and capabilities it seems increasingly incredible that the US would risk whatever remaining credibility that it has in foreign policy matters to bring Iran terror plot charges with such a man as its central figure.

Those in power in Washington seem not to realize what a risky game they are playing with Iran. The United States is doing whatever it can to curtail Iran’s influence in the region as a regional powerhouse. The neocons have for many years been itching to have US forces march into Tehran and to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age.

The neocons don’t seem to realize that Iran has been an influential player in the region for thousands of years. After all the Middle East is their neighborhood. The neocons don’t seem to appreciate that Iran is a much bigger nut to crack than Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iran is a much larger country with a great deal of mountainous terrain. It has a population of about 75 million who would suddenly become extremely nationalistic if Iran were attacked in any way by the US or Israel.

The Iranian military, while no match for US forces in a conventional war, is still strong enough to make the US pay a heavy price should they be attacked. The Iranians could cause a lot of grief for US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and could probably quickly close the Straits of Hormuz. Hormuz is the world’s most important oil chokepoint.

The Iran terror plot makes no sense to be fabricated by Washington or approved by Iran. Have our leaders lost so much touch with reality that they believe any old story will be accepted by a gullible American and international public?

What do you think? Is there credibility in the Iran terror plot story? Was the story fabricated by a stressed out Obama administration to take attention away from the Occupy Wall Street movement and the poor shape of the US economy? Was there ever a genuine threat to national security?

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