Ireland Baldwin Dip-Dyes Hair, Still Looks Stunning

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Kim Basinger’s lookalike teen daughter Ireland Baldwin is embracing the fad of dip-dyeing hair, and was spotted sporting her new fuschia-tinged locks in Los Angeles Thursday.

Ireland joins other Hollywood woman like Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens, who also tried the popular trend of coloring the tips of your tresses. Basinger’s daughter would stop traffic in a paper bag, and of course she still looks amazing with her new locks. At least, she didn’t overdo it, or use the wrong hue, like some of the other woman who’ve tried new coloring technique. Kate Bosworth tinted her hair green once, and looked like she spent too much time in the swimming pool.

Baldwin was snapped at the Topanga mall in Canoga Park Thursday, and seemed unbothered by the paparazzi who were stalking her at the time. Being followed by tabloid photographers must be incredibly annoying, when you just want to kill some time at the mall. But, that’s the burden of being Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s kid, and looking like a supermodel. The 17-year-old’s hair was bundled on her head, and she was sporting an Aztec-themed poncho, ankle boots and leggings.

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