Irina Shayk: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend to Rival Victoria Beckham for Fashion Supremacy?!

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk is being compared to Victoria Beckham. Is this even a fair comparison to compare a former Spice Girl turned fashion designer to a runway model?

Of course Irina Shayk and Victoria Beckham do have one thing, aside from their stunning good looks, in common. They are in relationships with soccer stars. Cristiano Ronaldo is currently one of the top players in the world and Victoria Beckham’s husband, David, was considered one of the top footballer’s of the most recent generation.

Of course, the minute that the 26-year-old Russian model hit town, modeling the Laura Scott collection, the comparisons began. Of course this is rather unfair. Victoria Beckham’s new fashion line is just now starting to grow traction. She is the ultimate up-and-comer in the fashion industry. It isn’t as if Irina Shayk is actually designing her own clothes, she is just wearing someone else’s. So, is there set to be a fashion war between Cristiano’s girl and Beckham’s wife? Highly unlikely! However, wouldn’t it be cool if Victoria hired Beckham to model some of her creations.

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