Irish Cheeses: A Wonderful Taste To Acquire

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Irish Cheeses: A Wonderful Taste To Acquire

Irish cheeses are somewhat unknown in the USA but are well known in Europe. Cheese making in the "Emerald Isle" has a long history going back to the old Celtic times prior to Christianity. Some of the finer washed rind cheeses in Europe come from Ireland.

Ardrahan, is made in 1 kilogram wheels & washed with a straight salt brine. Usually aged for 4-6 months it is also enjoyable as a young cheese with only a 2-4 week aging. It is a cow's milk cheese and either aged or young it is a defined & hearty tasting cheese that goes well meats, salads, or with a strong brew such as a stout or porter.

Cashel Blue, a Tipperary cheese, is made by an English family banished to Ireland 300+ years ago for being Catholic. It is somewhat like a Stilton but with a creamier & more nutty taste. It is a cow's milk cheese of the blue family of cheeses. It is a soft blue & adds a wonderful falvor to salads, with breads or in dips. This cheese when paired with a port wine especially a tawny port or any of the sweeter wines is a true gift of Irish Heaven.

Coolea, is a Gouda-type cheese that is a deep butter yellow in color. It is a fine & wonderful cheese for sandwiches, This is a long-aged cow's milk cheese with an authority to its chewy taste & texture. It goes well with sharp or zesty wines such a Zinfandels or Sauvignons.

Crozier Blue, is another blue cheese but it is a sheep's milk cheese. It has a well defined bold, zesty taste that is crisp as well as mellow. It can be compared with a good Roquefort any day usually will be found to be better. In salads it has no equal & is an excellent counter-taste for wines such a Reislings or dry sparkling wines. Older wheels of this great cheese go head-to-head with good Gorgonzolas for an authority ion taste that is hard to beat.

These are but a few of the wonderful cheeses of Ireland. You may want to explore the Irish cheeses to find your own favorites.


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