Iron Man 2 trailer looks fantastic, but doesn’t sound so hot. Watch the preview here..

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Wish the movie was coming out over the Christmas holiday, but we’ll have to wait for May. It’s gonna be a long winter counting down the days to this one. View the trailer and let us know what you think.

Only downer, in my opinion, is AC/DC song. “Shoot to Thrill” is so old and trite and totally lamesville, and I gotta think it’s been overused in action flicks already. I understand the need to include Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, which is a timeless classic anyhow.  This movie has had so much anticipation since the last one,  so why not commission a new release by a good band? Metal is definitely the appropriate genre, but how about something new and cool, not some Aussie with a turkey neck who still thinks its OK to perform in his old school boy uniform. Hell, even bringing out old Ozzy on his medications for an original score (music, not durgs!) would beat “Shoot to Thrill.”

What is it with super hero movies and bad music? Worst one yet was Macy Gray’s cameo in Spiderman II. To this day I still can’t figure out for the life of me why Macy Gray would be in a movie like that.

So watch the Iron Man 2 trailer, but you may want to put on your own choice of background music.  

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