‘Iron Man 3′ Filming in NC – Movie Spoilers Involve Gun Fire & Set Pics

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The new “Iron Man 3″ filming is currently taking place in Port of Wilmington, North Carolina. According to the latest movie reports, the new scenes are said to involve “gun fire” among other potential spoilers!

The latest report comes as “Avengers 2″ movie details have started to come out. Before that sequel arrives, Tony Stark will be back, played by Robert Downey Jr, in a third movie from the popular “Iron Man” series. New reports have talked about the current filming schedule going on in North Carolina.

The website ComicBookMovie.com reports:

“The shoots, which will feature special effects and stunt work, will mostly take place overnight – from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. – at the south end of the port near the facility’s container cranes, Shannon Moody said. On Aug. 24-26, a helicopter will film aerial scenes, according to a letter distributed by the production to Sunset Park residents. The aircraft’s pilot will “avoid” flying over nearby homes, the letter said. Some scenes also will feature smoke and machine-gun fire.”

It’s also expected that these scenes will involve as many as 150 people working on them. The good news for locals is there shouldn’t be any effects on the nearby areas. Various individuals have already started tweeting what they’ve been seeing going on. For those who don’t want “Iron Man 3″ spoilers, don’t read on.

While what’s been tweeted is strictly rumor, one individual has provided a Twitpic set photo, and also noted he saw them making snow and flinging a body into power lines. The Twitter user also said of some of the primary filming in Rose Hill, NC:

“Watched them do the last shoots in rose hill nc last night, got to see them open the flood containers which was awesome.”

Based on the individual’s tweets and set pics, it’s looking like some interesting outdoors scenes are being developed involving a water tower, power lines, and stuntmen. One can only imagine what the plot for this upcoming Marvel movie will involve, but it’s been described as a “technological crisis thriller,” which is “set in the world of international war, arms & terror.” It’ll bring Downey Jr. back again along with Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, and Don Cheadle as “War Machine.” Sounds like it should be an exciting precursor to the new “Avengers” sequel!

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