Iron Man 3 movie cast & villains to include Mandarin

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With the expected success of the Iron Man 2 film, many are looking forward to a third installment in the series.  Iron Man 3 appears like a done deal, as director Jon Favreau has indicated he wants to bring in the next movie after “Thor” and “The Avengers” have been seen on the big screen.  Robert Downey Jr said in an interview he believes the movie will be a done deal, and has some ideas of how Tony Stark should progress.

“I think it’s going to go down,” RDJ said of the likelihood of “Iron Man 3″ happening. “I know ‘Avengers’ is supposedly first on their docket, and we’ll see how all that pans out sooner rather than later.”

“I have some pretty strong ideas [for ‘Iron Man 3′], but they never seem to be too discordant with what the creative execs at Marvel are thinking anyways,” he said. (

As for Iron Man 3 villains, Favreau has indicated he wants the main bad guy for the third film to be Mandarin.  In the Iron Man comics, Mandarin was a super powerful martial artist who had the ability to dent or even destroy Iron Man’s armor with his striking attacks.  Mandarin wore 10 rings on the fingers of his hands which gave him even more weaponry at his disposal.  These rings enabled Mandarin to have various blasts such as flames, ice, electro-blast, white light and a disintegration beam, among others.

As to who will play Mandarin for Iron Man 3, that’s still up for fan speculation and debate.  Favreau will have his hands full as he’s executive producing the 2012 Avengers movie and also will want to wait out the 2011 release of Marvel’s Thor film.  Once that all goes down, Iron Man 3 will likely be in the works and see the return of a few familiar faces such as Robert Downey Jr and Miss Pepper Potts.

The other change we may see with the new Iron Man movie is that it will likely be put on the big screen in 3-D to take advantage of the technology (and extra box office money).  MTV has set up a splash page at their website featuring articles and info about the third installment of the Marvel Iron Man films.  See more about Iron Man 3 at!

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