‘Iron Man 3’s’ Robert Downey Jr. Back To Work After Ankle Injury

About six weeks ago, Iron Man 3’s Robert Downey Jr. got sidelined thanks to an ankle injury. Production for the film shut down, leaving fans worried it might not finish on time. However, it likely will since Robert is back and raring to get to work.

As it turns out, the “iron” part of the movie title only applies to Robert’s character and not to the actor himself. While he found his injury frustrating because it kept him from working, he’s come back to the set with revitalized energy.

In the meantime, fans of the comic book hero got a gander of the big guy’s new suit as well as the War Machine outfit of Don Cheadle. That helped whet the appetite so to speak. Producers want to keep anticipation high for the movie’s May 2013 première.

While Pepper Pots will be around for Iron Man 3, the Black Widow isn’t making a return visit. Word is Scarlett Johansson’s sexy heroine is busy making time with Captain America. No, not as his love interest, although rumor is the stars and stripes hero will get one for movie number two. Lots of exciting new starlets are vying for the role.

As for Johansson herself, she’s married to her superhero career. She’ll just be around to give the good captain a much-needed boost. It’s a good decision not to involve her in the new Iron Man film. While she and Robert have some chemistry, she’s the type of girl he’d fiddle around with but never marry. After all, two large egos would never fit into one bedroom.

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