Is ’16 and Pregnant’s’ Felicia Cooke Pregnant Again?

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Everybody remembers 16 and Pregnant’s season two teen mom Felicia Cooke. She is a Dallas, Texas girl and mother to Genesis. Felicia was the first in her family to graduate high school and like most stories, her mother and baby’s father, Alex, did not get along.

In her episode, Felicia had a hard time getting Alex to grow up, stay home, and act like a dad.

Felicia has done a great job at staying out of the spotlight unlike many of her fellow teen moms, but she might have some exciting news to share soon.

Felicia publicly wrote on her Facebook page today about being at Olive Garden and “satisfying [her] cravings.” She then proceeded to post a photo on Instagram with her hand below her questionable belly. Felicia has always been a tiny girl with an extremely toned and flat stomach, but the angle in this photo makes her belly appear like it a little bit more “out” than usual.

Felicia also posted a mysterious status about telling her parents the good news and how it didn’t go as bad as she thought it would, but deleted it before she or anyone else revealed too much information.

As far as fans know, Felicia is currently not seeing Alex anymore and she doesn’t seem to be dating, but all signs seem like Felicia is pregnant again. She does seem like she is doing well, though, and is extremely happy so that is all that matters!

Photo Source: Instagram

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