Is A Duggar Family Defection in the Works? Trouble in ’19 Kids & Counting’ Family?

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The Duggar family might or might not have a defector in its midst. The 19 Kids & Counting family with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at the helm, got wind that daughter Jinger Duggar wanted out of their sleepy Arkansas town.

Jinger Duggar - Springdale, ArkansasAccording to a report from RadarOnline, it seems Jinger Duggar has made some recent noise about moving to a big city. Rumor has it she wants to move to New York City. If Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have their way, however, Jinger won’t be going that far, and she won’t be going anywhere alone.

“Jinger didn’t mean she wanted to move to New York City. She meant that she wants to live closer to a city. We’re talking right near a city, but not New York City,” Michelle Duggar says. “Jinger meant she wanted to live 15 minutes from a Walmart. We live so far out of town on 20 acres, but Jinger wants to live closer to town, so she doesn’t have to drive so far to go shopping.”

Has Jinger been silenced? Why isn’t Jinger Duggar speaking for herself?

It seems big brother Josh Duggar and his wife Anna will soon be moving to Washington, D.C. for his job. Michelle thinks maybe that would be a better (read: more supervised) shot for Jinger.

“Jinger would love to spend time with her brother and all their children in Washington,” she says.

Hello? Jinger? Are you there?

Does it seem to you like Jinger Duggar isn’t being allowed any contact with the media since first claiming she’d like to leave her Arkansas home town for a big (or at least bigger) city? It seems like the strong family ties in this devout Christian family might just include telling their children (especially their daughters?) what they can and can’t do.

Do you expect to hear of a Duggar family defector in the 19 Kids & Counting midst in the near future? Or will Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar plant a firm foot down on top of Jinger Duggar’s dreams?

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