Is A Jenelle Evans Spin-Off Coming Soon?

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Jenelle Evans sure has enough drama in her own life to have her own spin-off show, but since she’s currently starring in Teen Mom 2, it seemed to be out of the question. However, with the show ready to complete filming on it’s fourth season, there have been talks of Jenelle getting her own series.

Jenelle is currently living on her own and has spoken of her desire to regain custody of her three-year-old son Jace and apparently, MTV wants it to be the storyline for her new show. James Duffy claims, “MTV told Jenelle not 2 fight for Jace, there will be a spin off called the custody battle.”

Unfortunately for Jenelle fans, there doesn’t seem to be much truth to this rumor—at least according to Jenelle. She wrote, “I have a spin off show?!!! SWEET glad u found out before mtv did, lmfao!”

If Jenelle did in fact have a spin-off show coming soon, she wouldn’t be able to confirm it, so there is still a little hope for the series! Jenelle is definitely the most talked about Teen Mom 2 star so if anyone did get a spin-off, it would likely be her.

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