Is a Kim Kardashian Album in the Works?

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Ever since Kim Kardashian leaked her song “Turn It Up” at TAO in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, there has been speculation that she has an album in the works. The song turned out not to be as bad as people may have expected, leaving them wondering if there will be more.

Well, Kim has given the world her answer, and the answer is no. There will be no Kim K album. As a matter of fact, she admitted that she wasnÂ’t sure about recording a song in the first place, but was eventually talked into it.

So, what changed her mind? Kim Kardashian found out that a portion of the proceeds from the song would be donated to a cancer foundation. Not a bad reason to record a song, wouldnÂ’t you say?

Are you disappointed that Kim Kardashian will not be releasing a full-length album? Or are you relieved that she wonÂ’t?

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