Is Aishwarya Rai an Overcautious Mother? Jaya Bachchan Speaks Out

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It has been six months since Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named Aaradhya Bachchan. Aside from a few small details released in the past few days about baby Aaradhya’s looks – that she is a beautiful brown-eyed girl with long limbs, little is known about the new baby girl.

Rather, the focus has been on the actress’s weight and her refusal to shed her lingering post-pregnancy pounds at a rapid pace. Aishwarya Rai’s weight has been a leading topic in the news for many weeks, at the annoyance of the Bachchan family and even other leading actresses in Bollywood. Perhaps this is why Jaya Bachchan has stepped forward recently to speak out on Aishwarya’s mothering skills – in an effort to distract from al of the negative talk regarding her weight.

Jaya Bachchan said, “Aishwarya is a hands on mom. She is sometimes overcautious. Aaradhya is not intimidated to faces. She is beautiful. I call her Strawberry because when she was born she reminded me of a strawberry. She is always smiling. Touchwood. Now she’s trying to crawl and it’s special to us.”

The word which seems to resonate the most here is ‘overcautious,’ although it does not sound like Jaya is criticizing Aishwarya. Most new mothers are a bit overcautious and overprotective of their children, particularly newborns and firstborn children. Of course, Aishwarya Rai is also a world-renowned celebrity, so it’s not surprising that overcautious would be used to describe her mothering skills.

Jaya Bachchan also said, “Sometimes I tease Aishwarya and I say well Aaradhya is a very lucky girl because can you imagine having a nurse like Miss World Aishwarya! I would also like her (Ash) to start going out but she is absolutely, totally hands down and doesn’t depend on anybody which I think is great.”

Jaya is clearly proud of both Aishwarya and her granddaughter, Aaradhya. It is also clear that the Bollywood actress has really taken a liking to motherhood. In fact, she is enjoying her new role as a mom so much that, at this time, Aishwarya has no plans to return to Bollywood.

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