Is Alexander Skarsgard Off the Market?

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Season 5 of True Blood may have come to a close, but the buzz about its Swedish hunk, Alexander Skarsgard, hasn’t ended. Fans can still feast their eyes on him in Calvin Klein ads and several new movies this year, including Battleship, The East and What Maisie Knew.

Undoubtedly, Skarsgard provides eye candy for countless fans, but there is reportedly a new woman in his life that has him all to herself. Although there were rumors of Alex dating Adam Levine’s ex, Anne Vyalitsyna, the bloom of that romance has apparently faded, if there actually was a romance between the pair in the first place.

According to a source for Star magazine, Alexander Skarsgard has been secretly hooking up with another Swedish beauty for months–fellow actress Alicia Vikander. A source also notes, “They are definitely the real deal.”

Before Skarsgard admirers sigh with disappointment, Alexander hasn’t actually made this alleged relationship public. Remember, the media made it out like he and Anna Vyalitsyna were the ‘real deal’ not so long ago, but there is little to actually prove anything actually went on between them. Until Alex or Alicia actually give credence to the rumor, that’s exactly what the relationship is–a rumor.

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