Is Ali Lohan Just Growing Up? Or Did She Have Some Work Done? (Photo)

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17-year-old Ali Lohan is nowhere near as notable as big sis Lindsay Lohan, but that may change. She’s just signed a big time modeling contract and that usually means all kinds of other offers should come pouring in. Can she act, even remotely as well as Lindsay? Who cares? She’s famous!

But she may be going about trying to build her career in baby steps the wrong way. Pictures published on the Huffington Post are raising the alarm across the web, because of the eye-popping difference in her appearance in just the last two years.

In the first she shows that impish Lohan quality, freckle-faced and a little plump around the edges. Adorable, with just a touch of some endearing baby fat.

In the next, Ali Lohan looks like she’s spent the last two years hiding underground, avoiding the sun and maybe even having a bit of sculpture done by an unscrupulous plastic surgeon addicted to Ali McGraw clones.

Her skin is ghostly pale, her lips look plumper and her jaw line looks like it’s been chiseled. She actually does not even look like the same person! Kinda scary…

Maybe she’s just growing up, but it doesn’t look that way. Who knows? Maybe the pictures have even been Photoshopped by one of her publicists. If so, she should fire the artist. But if not… then why?

Why would such a beautiful young lady be so self-conscious about her appearance that she would literally ruin what nature has so benevolently bestowed? It’s really frightening…

What do you think? Did Ali Lohan get plastic surgery at the tender age of 17? Or is she just growing out of her adolescence?

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Image courtesy of Buzz Feed

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