Is Amanda Knox Truly ‘Fascinating?’

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Amanda Knox has no problem getting around here in the States after serving four years in Italy for the murder of Meredith Kercher. Although it seems that people are expected to consider her “innocent” some are even considering her “fascinating.”

Sources report that Barbara Walters has named Amanda Knox one of this year’s “10 Most Fascinating People.” It seems like just a reason to keep the young accused murderer’s name in the headlines, while she probably just wants to live low on the radar, but headlines do make money when girls like her are concerned. Compared to the likes of Casey Anthony and even Canada’s notorious murderer Karla Homolka, Knox doesn’t seem “fascinating” for the reasons Barbara Walters sees.

To some Amanda Knox is fascinating for being a “miracle story” and being “falsely accused” only to win her rights back to come home after a four year stint in Perugia. However, looking at the details in the media and published on the net since her former roommate’s murder, it’s obvious to see where she is found “fascinating.”

It’s always “fascinating” to read mysteries, especially real life ones.

Does Amanda Knox fascinate you? Why?

It’s human nature to find intrigue in things that are horrific. That’s why horror movies are popular, and that’s why people stop and look when there’s a car accident or train wreck. It’s possible that these same reasons are the reasons why Amanda Knox is “fascinating” to some.

It’s fascinating that the girl behaved as she did during the initial investigation into Meredith Kercher’s death — doing cartwheels and “the splits” in the police department, while climbing over her Italian boyfriend and making out with him. It was not the behavior of a girl who had just discovered her roommate to have her throat slashed. It’s “fascinating” to know that the girl insisted on taking a shower before police arrived at her home, when she reported her friend murdered. She showered while Meredith Kercher lay dead in the very next room, and the police allowed it!

It’s “fascinating” to believe that any woman could be guilty of sexually-inspired acts of murder, but these things do happen. And it’s “fascinating” that like the case of Casey Anthony, the world may never know the truth of whether or not Amanda Knox is truly guilty.

What do you think?


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