Is Ann Romney Like Hitler?

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Is Ann Romney like Hitler? A writer named Michelle Goldberg thinks so, especially after reading the piece about motherhood written (amazingly) by Mitt Romney’s Stepford wife. Comparing the woman to the Führer, Goldberg finds fault in Ann’s use of the term “Crown of Motherhood.” Yeah, it was a bit of a creepy term, huh?

Harsh words: Columnist Michelle Goldberg (right) said Ann Romney's (left) use of the term 'crown of motherhood' in an article reminded her of Hitler and Stalin's totalitarian regimesIt probably wasn’t very nice to compare Ann Romney to Hitler, because it’s just in poor taste to compare anyone to the guy. There is only one Hitler and until someone outdoes what he did, nobody should really be compared to him. Still, it was a funny comparison and Goldberg makes some pretty valid points regarding the mothering style of Mitt’s wife. Her comments do highlight an authoritarian culture that isn’t really healthy or constructive.

Goldberg addressed the backlash her comments received, further cementing the point that, yes, Ann is a bit of a dubious personality.

‘To me, bombastic odes to traditional maternity have a sinister ring, especially when they come from people who want to curtail women’s rights. I should have realized that right-wingers were going to pretend that I was saying that Romney is akin to two of the century’s most murderous tyrants.’

So while she may not be exactly like the old dead tyrant known for slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people, she is certainly a symbol of a society that has done nothing to progress away from such barbaric mindsets.

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