Is Another Kate Gosselin Bombshell Soon to Be Released?

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Will a new bombshell about former reality TV star Kate Gosselin soon be front and center in the media? That’s what Robert Hoffman, the author who wrote an e-book about Kate says.

According to a report from RadarOnline, even though Hoffman’s book was pulled by pending legal issues, it still seems that people can’t wait to hear what this man has to say. He already told the public about how Kate purportedly beat her children with a wooden spoon, and was abusive to the family’s dogs as well. Will he have anything more shocking than that to tell about the former Kate Plus Eight star?

Kate GosselinIt seems Hoffman is now claiming that Kate is ‘exploiting and humiliating’ her children by filming a new reality show. How can that be true? Kate would probably love to have a new reality show. She says she needs the money. If she’d signed on with a network for a new show, she’d likely be singing from the rafters.

“I don’t know anything for fact… I got a call from a source who told me about Kate filming the kids with someone else in the past two weeks for a new reality show. The person is a big name,” Robert Hoffman claims.

Do you think this (sort of crazy) author really has anything on Kate Gosselin? Do you think she’s already in the midst of filming a new reality show? Or is Robert Hoffman a bona fide nut job?

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