Is Anyone Going to Watch Survivor?

Who's watching Survivor (besides me)? The show has waned in popularity lately, although the last two seasons have been better.

Last year, I know the show aired opposite American Idol, which was a problem for many people. Is that the same this year? I don't mean to sound stupid…but I don't know when AI comes on. (I only watch it when I get the e-mail from the Barry Manilow Fan Club saying he's going to be on there. Last time, they sent out that e-mail and he was only on for about 3 seconds.)

Would anyone be interested in chatting about the show. We did this season-before-last and it was a lot of fun, but it may not work out this year. I may try it the first week, just to see how it goes. Wait…the first week is Thursday. Maybe we'll skip the first week, since we're just meeting everyone and chat next week.

Please share any thoughts with me.


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