Is Armie Hammer the Next Batman?

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Armie Hammer might just be the next Batman, but some comic book fans will be relieved to know that he’s not going to have to carry a movie all by himself—instead he’s going to be joined by a team of superheroes in the Justice League film.

Armie does have plenty of experience playing well-off, upper-class characters like Bruce Wayne after taking on the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network and portraying a prince in Mirror Mirror, the Snow White movie that didn’t have Kristen Stewart in it. He’s currently playing a different masked hero in The Lone Ranger movie.

The bad thing about Armie Hammer is that he can come off as being a little cheesy, and sometimes he seems more like a caricature of the character that he’s playing. So luckily for Batman fans, the role hasn’t been handed to him yet; he’s just a top choice for the part. His casting also wouldn’t affect the inevitable Batman movie reboot since his version of the character will allegedly be restricted to the Justice League movies.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill would be the Superman used in the movie or if a different actor would play the world’s strongest superhero. It would be a little confusing if he didn’t continue to play the character, so hopefully Warner Bros. considers keeping him around. But if Henry Cavill isn’t safe, then obviously Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern isn’t, either.

It’s a shame that the Justice League movie isn’t connected to Christopher Nolan’s world since that would mean a darker superhero universe. Justice League is probably going to end up competing against The Avengers 2, and giving the movie a darker aesthetic would ensure that it doesn’t end up looking like an Avengers knockoff.

If the movie was connected to Nolan’s universe, then Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be the obvious choice to play Batman, and he’s probably a better pick than Hammer.

Other characters that have to be cast include Martian Manhunter, The Flash, and Wonder Woman, who will definitely be one of the most fun characters to see cast. Christina Hendricks has previously said that she’d love to play the character, and most guys (and a lot of gals) would have nothing bad to say about watching her run around in a low-cut bustier. Hopefully whoever is in charge of costumes does better than the atrocious updated version of Wonder Woman’s star-spangled suit that was worn by Adrianne Palicki in the failed TV series.

If Christina Hendricks doesn’t get the job, then Meghan Ory would be another great option. The gorgeous brunette currently plays the fairytale character Red on the ABC series Once Upon a Time. Jennifer Lawrence would also be amazing, but she might be way too busy for the part.

So what do you think of the Justice movie casting—would Armie or Joseph Gordon Levitt make a better Batman? Should Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill return? And who should play Wonder Woman?

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