Is ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Perfect for ’50 Shades of Grey’?

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Stephen Amell is about to become TV’s sexiest superhero in the CW series Arrow.

On the show he plays a billionaire named Oliver Queen who gets stranded on a deserted island. When he’s rescued five years later, he returns to his old life a changed man. He then uses his survival skills to fight crime as the Arrow.

Celebuzz makes an interesting observation about his character, labeling Oliver a “PG version of Christian Grey.”

Oliver and Christian are both rich men whose love interests are beautiful brunettes, and they do both share dark secrets. However, Christian hides whips and chains in his Red Room of Pain, while Oliver stores his bow and arrow in a secret lair.

So could Stephen Amell’s experience playing a rich boy with a dark side make him the perfect choice to play Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie? Interestingly enough, his Arrow costar Katie Cassidy (who plays the woman who becomes the Black Canary) has been mentioned as a favorite to play Anastasia Steele in the movie, although the latest rumor is that E. L. James wants Shailene Woodley for that role.

At age 31, Stephen could pull off playing a 28-year-old. However, he has plenty of competition when it comes to winning the role of Christian Grey—his The Vampire Diaries costar Ian Somerhalder has already been campaigning for the part. Now that would be one fun werewolf vs. vampire battle.

Stephen does have an edge when it comes to sex scenes, however—he has experience stripping down on the show Hung, in which he played a prostitute. It is a little creepy that he played killer Joran van der Sloot in the Lifetime movie about Natalee Holloway’s murder, but hopefully his Arrow role will help to erase memories of that part.

You can check out an Arrow preview below. So can you picture Stephen in the 50 Shades of Grey movie?

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