Is Ashton Kutcher Having a Midlife Crisis?

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Ashton Kutcher didn’t exactly wait until the divorce papers were filed to start partying. He allegedly slept with Sara Leal near the end of September, well before any papers were filed.

Moore officially filed for divorce November 17, though rumors of a split were running rampant way before then. Only a few days after the filing, Kutcher was out at nightclubs hitting on younger girls again. All of the partying leads one to wonder if Kutcher isn’t going through some sort of midlife crisis.

Kutcher is only 33 years old, but is often seen partying with women who are much younger (Leal was only 22). It is common for men to date younger women, except in Kutcher and Moore’s case. Kutcher was only 27 when he married then 42-year-old Demi Moore. Some initially blamed the split on the fact that Kutcher was so young when he married Moore, so that could also explain his escapades.

A midlife crisis typically occurs in a mans 40s or 50s, which would make Kutcher’s case unique. Though maybe Kutcher feels, at 33, some regrets towards his life and the choices that he has made?

Whatever the reasoning, it is sad to see Moore and Kutcher go there separate ways, but hopefully the decision benefits them both.

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