Is ‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard Being Played By Ryan Bowers?

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On Monday, Bachelorette Emily Maynard heard some tales be told about Ryan Bowers, one of 13 men who continued on with the TV reality show after getting a rose from this lovely lady last week.

But does he get one this week?

Hang in there. First the circumstances behind some suspicions about this particular contender on the ABC program during which time Em is said to be looking to find true love.

Apparently, Ryan Bowers has shown some of his true colors and is not exactly a catch and a half. In fact, last week during episode 4, he told The Bachelorette that he would not love on her so much if she got fat.


Yep. He said he would love her if she gained weight should they end up together but he wouldn’t, in essence, be all over her if that happened.

Still, Ryan thinks he is a very worthy opponent in this race to grab Emily for himself. Still, he has a back-up plan, and one that is maybe more in the forefront than it should be. He told one of the other bachelors last night (a guy named Michael who has long hair, who has had little to do with Emily throughout the competition, and who was voted off last night) that this exposure he is getting on the current show will give him ample means to being on The Bachelor in the future.


That’s right. Even before Emily picks her guy, one guy–Ryan–is already raring to be part of the franchise that will have nothing to do with this blonde beauty in the future. Not only that but Ryan with the big ego mentioned to Em that she would possibly make for a great “trophy wife.”


Yep. This “charming” (his word) man thinks that our girl would look good on his “athletic” (his word) arm. Talk about yucky.

In any case, Emily Maynard is happily on to Ryan Bowers. Well, sort of. She told Chris Harrison on the show last night that some of the gossip about the guys in the house has made her leery of certain people.

When pressed by the host as to who that would be, she admits that Ryan is one of them. In fact, she commented that she is seeing him in a different light now that they have spent time together and that she can see he is “manipulative.”

That said, when it was time for The Bachelorette to hand out roses, Emily gave one to Ryan.


That’s right. She included this thug as one of the nine men who will accompany her to London next week on the ABC show. Sad, but true.

With that said, what do you think? Is The Bachelorette barking up the wrong tree with this guy? Was she asked to keep him around by the powers that be at ABC to add to the drama of the reality TV show? Or, does Emily Maynard like Ryan Bowers despite all the red flags? Thoughts? Thanks.

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