Is ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Star Alice Englert the Next Kristen Stewart? (Video)

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Beautiful Creatures is the latest movie based on a young adult novel to hit the big screen. So will it be just as big as Twilight and The Hunger Games? And will actress Alice Englert be the next Kristen Stewart?

Since the erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey was based on Twilight fan fiction, there have been plenty of predictions that the movie based on the book will be the next Twilight. However, the raunchy film will likely get an R rating, meaning that some Twihards won’t be able to check it out. 50 Shades also lacks the supernatural aspect that so many Twilight fans love. So perhaps younger Twihards will enjoy a romance set in a world where witchcraft is real.

Beautiful Creatures is strikingly similar to Twilight in that it features a normal human who falls for someone with supernatural powers. However, in this case the normal human is male.

Alden Ehrenreich plays Ethan, a high school boy who grows up in a boring, small Southern town where nothing interesting ever happens. However, his life gets a lot more exciting when he falls for a girl from his dreams who just happens to show up in school one day.

Alice Englert plays Lena, a witch (or “caster”) who will be claimed by the forces of Light or Dark on her sixteenth birthday. When Ethan falls in love with her, he decides that he must do whatever he can to protect her from the Dark and those in his town who don’t want her around.

In addition to worrying about if the Dark will claim her, Lena has to deal with being a target of the wrath of the popular girls at school.

The movie doesn’t just seem similar to Twilight—the Southern setting should appeal to True Blood fans; it has witchcraft like Harry Potter; and there’s even a Mean Girls element to the story.

Alice Englert could also be set to become the next Kristen Stewart. Just like K-Stew, whose mother recently directed her first movie, Alice also has a big Hollywood connection through her mom—her mother is The Piano director Jane Campion. So maybe growing up around the movie industry will help her career take off, too.

But of course it will be up to teen romance fans to decide whether Alice becomes just as big as K-Stew.

Creatures also features a favorite for the role of Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey—Emmy Rossum plays Alice’s dark caster cousin, a sexy siren capable of controlling others’ minds (instead of a magic wand, she wields a lollipop). It sounds like Emmy could steal the show if she wants to.

You can check out the trailer for the movie below to see what you think —will Alice become the next K-Stew or Jennifer Lawrence?

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