Is Ben Flajnik Avoiding Courtney Robertson Talk?

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There have been plenty of rumors about Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson since their appearance on the hit show The Bachelor. One thing is for certain, Ben seems to be getting a bit testy about answering fan questions about Courtney.

During a recent stop in Michigan, Ben Flajnik diverted the questions about Courtney Robertson the best that he could as he was on a business trip to talk about wine. So, how does he try to deal with the onslaught of ‘Bachelor’ questions?

“Honestly, I just write it on a piece of paper, normally, if it’s a ‘Bachelor’-heavy crowd,” explains bachelor Ben. “I just write, ‘No. 1: Yes, I’m still with Courtney (Robertson). No. 2: No, I’m not watching the show. And No. 3: No, there’s no wedding date set.'” He then claims to post his handwritten sign for everyone to see. From the sound of things this seems to work with fans. Look, if it works for Ben in Ann Arbor, Michigan, then good for him.

The problem is, this just gets people (tabloids, gossip columns, blogs) wondering if Ben Flajnik is avoiding talking about Courtney Robertson at all. Is there something that he is hiding?

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