Is Ben Flajnik Going to Be the Next Bachelor?

Do you follow Ben Flajnik on Twitter? He tweeted about possibly being the Bachelor!

The bachelor who was dumped by Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, has a sense of humor that shows on his Twitter page. He has this posted on his Twitter profile: “Winemaker, Failed Proposer, and Future Mayor of San Francisco.”

On one of his latest tweets, Ben posted this: “Plans to be the next bachelor? I don’t know…lots to ponder.”

That is very interesting considering the rumors about him spending a lot of time with Brit Billmaier—a bachelorette from Season 15 of the Bachelor, the second go-round with Brad Womack.

Would you like to see Ben as the next Bachelor? Would you prefer someone new, rather than a recycled bachelor?

Here is the big question. If Ben is bragging about sleeping with Ashley the night before she became engaged to JP, do you think he’ll sleep with his top two contenders, if he becomes the Bachelor? How do you think he will feel about it if he does sleep with both, and the second runner-up talks about it openly?

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