Is Beyonce pregnant in 2010 – Is Jay-Z a brand new father?

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Is Beyonce pregnant? has stated vehemently that they have a solid source that the R&B Diva Beyonce is pregnant in 2010 and she and rapper hubby Jay-Z are expecting their first child together.

According to

March 25, 2010. It’s been a long time waiting . . . but now it’s finally happened. just learned from a ROCK SOLID source that legendary singer Beyonce and her hip hop mogul husband Jay Z are expecting their first child together.

According to our source Beyonce is doing fine and resting (for now), but she’s expected to continue working throughout her pregnancy. And we’re also told that Jay Z is EXTREMELY happy to be having his first child with Bey.”

Don’t be too quick to believe it.  It may also be a misinterpretation of one story online about the famous R&B diva singer causing the world to believe that Beyonce is pregnant.  That’s the latest rumor and speculation hitting the internet, with many wondering if Beyonce is pregnant by Jay-Z in 2010.  The recent news has involved Beyonce’s father and a paternity test, proving that Matthew Knowles has a “love child” son by way of Alexsandra Wright.

The story first broke last October, but now the paternity test has proven it, despite the fact reps from Matthew Knowles’ team have yet to comment on it.  Matthew split from his wife Tina after 30 years of marriage once the Alexsandra Wright affair news became publicly known.  Beyonce is still on good terms with both parents despite any less marital bliss.  Some may have seen the word “child” and “Beyonce” in a news story, but misunderstood, similar to recent news of Robert Culp causing many to question if Bill Cosby died.

Back in 2008, speculation that Beyonce was pregnant began when she had seemed to gain a lot of weight.  However it was noted that B would be going on a Def Jam detox diet to loose that weight.  Her Destiny Child bandmate and friend, Kelly Rowland, even went on record to dismiss the Beyonce pregnant rumors.

If Beyonce’s pregnant, congratulations are in order for her and husband Jay-Z (Shawn Carter).  There’s been no major announcement yet, although 50 Cent wouldn’t mind being the father to Beyonce’s child either, according to this article.  As soon as Beyonce becomes pregnant, most likely we’ll know officially once the news hits TMZ and other news entertainment gossip sites, followed by major media like CNN!

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