Is Bill Cosby Going Blind?

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Rumors that legendary comedian Bill Cosby has been going slowly blind have been part of the Internet rumor mill for quite some time. But the beloved stand-up comic and television actor just might be headed in that direction, according to a recent article in the National Enquirer.

Some might note that “considering the source” should come into play, especially given the Enquirer‘s overall reputation, but Cosby has had a history of eye problems suffering from glaucoma-related difficulties. But the tabloid contends that it has learned that the star of “I Spy” and “The Cosby Show” has developed keratoconus, a degenerative ocular disease that causes the corneas of the eyes to become cone-shaped as opposed to their regular dome shape. And the condition can lead to vision loss.

The Enquirer used their usual anonymous “close” “insider” sourcing to state that family and friends were worried about the Emmy and Grammy-winning comedian, even though Cosby himself was given to not making an issue of it.

Bill Cosby

But the Enquirer took the matter into its own investigative hands and asked Cosby himself at a book signing in early November about his eye problem. Vision problems or not, the 74-year-old comedian was still quick with an answer—that avoided the issue.

“Overall I’m feeling fine,” he told the tabloid.

“My bones creak some, but for the most part I’m all right.

“The best thing is I’m able to get up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other.”

The rumors about Cosby’s blindness or the possibility that he might be going blind have been exacerbated over the years by the comedian’s predilection for wearing Ray Charles-like dark sunglasses in his public appearances.

An auction held for The Discovery Fund for Eye Research in 2002 might have also given the rumors some form of unspoken credence as well. According to USA Today, Cosby became a spokesperson for the Seeing the Stars online auction, where various celebrity articles were offered up for bidding, and spoke about the importance of regular eye exams, education, early treatment for ocular problems, and the need for research. Among the many items auctioned were a vast array of sunglasses from such celebrities as astronaut Buzz Aldrin, rock stars Jackson Browne and Neil Diamond, “Happy Days” star Henry Winkler, and Space Cowboy Clint Eastwood.

Although the Enquirer‘s story might not be definitive, it is not to be taken as outright tabloid sensationalism. Bill Cosby has had eye problems in the past. And the National Enquirer has done some fine investigative work over the last few years as well, such as unearthing the Tiger Woods cheating scandal and the John Edwards affair (the latter of which resulted in a Pulitzer Prize nomination).

Bill Cosby is currently promoting his latest endeavor, an autobiographically humorous book entitled I Didn’t Ask to Be Born (But I’m Glad I Was).

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