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Just as it has appeared that the Democratic problem was to make the best choice between 3 excellent candidates it appears that the party may implode. Everyone agrees that race and gender are notable factors but should not be used devisively for obvious reasons. Yet that is exactly what is transpiring as we speak.

 If the sniping, innuendo and throwing political spit balls continues it runs the risk of turning off large groups of probable voters that should have been solidly united in back of the leader who demonstrates the best capacity for leadership.

America appears starving for leadership that is truly bi partisan to breakthrough the  stagnant gridlock in Congress. If the democratic party can't get its act together and find a way to win this election then we can all look forward to at least four more years of the same non sense we have had to endure for the last eight years. UGH!

This is the point in a fairytale when the wish for a hero on a white or dark horse sweeps in and rescues the victims from being enslaved. Ergo Mayor Bloomberg.

The good Mayor of New York has been hinting, and teasing for months that he will not run for the presidency yet past and present facts indicate that if he and his advisors conclude the timing is right he has an organization, money, and volunteers to jump in and hit the beach running.

I would guess that Barok and Hillary have about one to two weeks to soften the rhetoric and muzzle their respective hot head advisors or Mayor Bloomberg are quite likely to declare his candidacy.  If this occurs, we can add one more first into the frey. Besides the first woman or the first black there might possibly be the first Jewish president. What an historical election year!

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