Is Brad Pitt Getting Too Old to Act?

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Brad Pitt seemingly has it all. He has a sexy wife in Angelina Jolie, a large family, and he is at the top of his game in his acting career. He might be 48 years old, but Pitt does not seem to be slowing down. This is not quite how Brad sees things though, as he begins to look at his career taking a turn.

Brad PittIn a recent interview, the actor who makes the women swoon and their husbands jealous realizes that he might have a limited window of opportunity when it comes to being cast as a leading man in movies. Brad Pitt is getting older, a fact of which he is keenly aware:

We have a shelf life, no question. And mine’s coming. But there’s a few more things I wanna do before my shelf life expires

True, there have been plenty of actors cast as leading men as they are getting a little older. Harrison Ford and George Clooney come to mind. Still, with a family now, it is actually easy to see that the Brad is looking at each new movie role and its time commitment, while comparing that to the calendar. He sees he is not getting any younger.

What about directing? Nope, Brad Pitt isn’t interested changing directions. It is act or go home…though Pitt’s “shelf life” may actually be a bit longer than he is giving himself credit.

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