Is Britney Spears Headed for Another Breakdown?

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Is Britney Spears headed for another serious breakdown? Sources close to the Femme Fatale star fear that’s exactly what may be happening, noting a resurgence of what they’re calling her ‘strange’ behavior.

According to OK Magazine, friends of Spears fear she is ‘hurtling toward another major meltdown.’ Britney’s Femme Fatale tour kicked off on June 16 in Sacramento, and since then they’ve been observing what they believe are some telltale signs.

It seems that just prior to the show’s start, Britney Spears starting pigging out on junk food. She binged on candy, fast food, and other unhealthy options.

“When she’s nervous, she overeats,” a friend confirmed.

In addition to the unhealthy eating phase, the infamous disheveled appearance she often sported during her previous downward spiral has been seen in recent weeks.

“Lately she’s just totally stopped caring about how she looks,” her friend says.

Okay–so where is Britney’s father? Isn’t he the one who is legally and ethically obligated to watch over Britney? Doesn’t he have a conservatorship over his 29-year-old daughter? If so, then this certainly sounds like the time to step in and do a very careful assessment of the situation.

Britney Spears is described as being fragile right now, and her friends are fearing for her well-being.

“The anxiety of her tour is keeping her up at night,” one friend shares. With five months ahead of constant performances, the friend notes, “something really has to be done” to get fragile Britney back on track.

Could Britney Spears be coming perilously close to another breakdown? Will her dad step in and take charge of the situation? And where are her boys and her boyfriend Jason Trawick while this is going on? Her boys should certainly be a grounding force for the singer, and Trawick should be able to enforce some stability. They must somehow factor in to this equation–wouldn’t you think?

Are those close to Britney Spears going to simply watch her crumble again or will they intervene? Is there truly a reason to be concerned or are Britney’s friends sounding a very premature alarm?

What do you think?

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