Is CBS Becoming the New Faux Network?

Some disturbing developments at CBS of late have left me wondering if they are not intent on running head to head with Faux for the affections of the wingnut right of the conservative population.

In this article about Obama’s nomination of Kathleen Sibelius to head Health and Human Services, Media Matters examines a CBS News report where they seem to show some real tangible bias, something I have been noticing more and more over the months, and by appointing Jeff Ballabon as their new senior vice president for communications at CBS News, they have taken on one more of the neocon faithful.

Not to mention Ballabon is a real hard line radical Israeli supporter, and opponent of the two state solution in the Middle East. This guy is Israeli unstable, and an obstacle to the peace process, if not much more.

Soo,… Liberal media my a**! Slowly, bit by bit, the 5 or 6 giant corporations that control our media, thanks to massive changes made at the FCC by GW Bush appointees, are chipping away at our news access, and slipping into bias, but it’s a conservative bias, and it’s getting more blatant every day.

The Obama Administration needs to address the ownership of our “free” press and media, limiting how many outlets one entity can own in a single market again, and restoring other regulations on the ownership of our press, and our media, to allow for diverse views, or our news will be ever more what they want us to hear, what they want us to see, and not the news, but a slanted conservative view of it.

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