Is Chatroulette Anonymous? Not Anymore…

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Have you heard of Chatroulette? Chances are, if you’re older than 30, probably not. And that’s a problem.

Why? Because that means the overwhelming majority of parents of websurfing minors haven’t a clue about a site that is causing a mini-revolution in Social Networking. Partially because it claims to be “anonymous.” But there’s more.

If you HAVE heard of chatroulette then you are either amused or appalled by the site. It’s a web portal that randomly connects webcam users by opting in anonymously. No logins. No age check. If you have a webcam, you’re in. Technically.

You do need a webcam to surf the site. But it would be better if the most populous chatroulette users didn’t have one either. Because even a casual perusal turns up a majority of users, mostly men, displaying, at the very least,  their private parts. Uh-oh.

This means that virtually anyone with a web connection and eyeballs can view this site or broadcast over it without fear of reprisal – or arrest. Until now.

A new website, called Chat Roulette Map, has popped up which has cracked the IP code on CR and is compiling a world map of users, without permission, and displaying a screen capture image of their face. This is a double edged sword at the very least, but it doesn’t appear that this site is compiling the data for anything other than commercial purposes.

They do allow complainants to have their pic removed, but you must PROVIDE an identical screen shot to do so!

So watch out CR users. You might already be on it.

And parents… it might be time to update those parental controls.

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