Is Chris Brown and Rihanna Together Again?

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Rumors are spreading fast of the alleged Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion. I for one, cannot say that I am the list bit surprised or upset simply because it is now and has been evident some time now that the two are still very much in love with each other. Chris Brown has showcased his talent and his love for Rihanna time and time again on songs like “She Aint You”, “Up To U”, “All Back”, “Crawl”, and a numerous amounts of other tracks, and collaborations with others. I can recall the collaboration to Diddy’s song “Yesterday”. Where in Chris Brown sings the lyrics “Yesterday I fell in love, today feels like my funeral, in this song he elaborates about how the loss of her love is very painful, he sings ” she’s like the wind, and I can’t get rid of her”. An through out the reign  of his collaboration career he goes on to team up artist, such as, “Bow Wow”, where he lends his vocals to “I Ain’t Thinkin Bout You Tonight”.  This song was extremely ironic because he tends to sing all about how he is not thinking about her, when in actuality he sings about how he really is thinking about her; the verse sings about how he’s finally realized that he and her are finished but, now she dating a ball player.  And he actually sings, “An I aint saying that he don’t love you, but he can’t love you like I do”.

Meanwhile, Rihanna was on the fast track to expressing her love for Chris Brown when she recorded songs like “Stupid In Love “, “Distrubia”.  and “You Da One”. Well just recently the two have recorder two tracks featuring one another. Chris Brown’s single “Turn Up The Music” features Rihanna and Rihanna’s newly released remix to her single “Birthday Cake” features Chris Brown.  Earlier this week, on Rihanna’s 24th Birthday the couple revealed this on twitter. Immediately, the media began to bash the couple for their reunion.  I’m not condoning domestic violence but, i think they should leave them alone, and allow them to redeem themselves.  I think love should conquer all. Check out the actual story and video’s on my blog @

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