Is Chris Evans ‘playing’ Minka Kelly?

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Chris Evans and Minka Kelly dated a few years back, and he was allegedly heartbroken when things ended. Now that they’re back together, is he looking to get revenge?

According to Star (via Celebitchy), Minka’s friends are giving her reconciliation with Chris the side-eye because they’re worried that he is just “playing her.”

“Minka’s friends think it’s just a matter of time before he cheats on her,” a “source” tells the mag, adding that Chris has “an out-of-control ego” and “has been frequenting parties at the Playboy Mansion, where he’s become close friends with Hugh Hefner and his sons,” instead of spending time with Minka.

Chris is single, so there’s nothing wrong with him having fun. But “frequenting parties at the Playboy Mansion”? No 31-year-old should be doing that on the regular. That’s reason enough to break up with him. But according to Star, Minka’s ignoring her friends’ warnings because she’s in a dong haze.

“Minka claims that she and Chris have such amazing sex, she can’t stay away from him!” Star‘s snitch says.

Minka’s ex-boyfriends include John Mayer, Derek Jeter and Wilmer Valderrama, who all have reputations as douches and cads—so why weren’t her friends concerned that those three would do her wrong? Why are they only allegedly publicly expressing their disapproval of Chris? If Star didn’t make this up completely (and that’s a big if), it sounds like this could be a plant from Minka’s camp to get more publicity for her, since she’s a famewhore who will dump a guy to hook up with a bigger celebrity, calls the paparazzi on herself and even tried to shop her own sex tape. She obviously only got back together with Chris as a career move because he’s an A-lister now, and hopefully he sees through that and doesn’t get hurt again.

What do you think? Is Chris Evans “playing” Minka Kelly? Did she just get back together with him as a career move? Sound off in the comments!

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