Is Christina Aguilera Quitting ‘The Voice’ Over Feud With Adam Levine?

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Rumor has it Christina Aguilera may be quitting The Voice due in part to her recent feud with fellow coach Adam Levine. However, it seems Christina has rubbed people the wrong way behind the scenes, too–and for quite some time.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, it sounds like the current issue with Adam Levine is simply the icing on the cake. Christina has long been known as a diva, and is famous for making the lives of the back stage crew ‘a living hell.’

“When things get heated — on and off set — the people in makeup have been told to go to Christina and work on her so she doesn’t start complaining or yelling,” a source says. “If she starts carrying on and making a scene [with the other coaches], the people in makeup act like a pit crew and rush to her to keep her quiet.”

The source goes on to say that even though Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera’s feud went public, he certainly isn’t the only one with a rub against her.

“The entire crew blames Christina for the argument and feud with Adam,” the source reveals. “I’ll be surprised if she is here next year as a judge — and if she is, she will never win the show.”

It seems that The Voice coaches Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are known for being very easy going, but Christina is known for making the lives of those both on and off the stage miserable.

Are any of the other coaches upset with Adam Levine because his feud with Christina escalated to such heights? Not at all, it seems.

“Everyone is happy with what Adam did and is completely on his side with this issue,” the source says.

What do you make of this? Has Christina Aguilera simply hit her wall on The Voice? Are people as sick of her ridiculous ways and absolutely stupid remarks as the rest of the coaches and crew seem to be? Did you see how put off she appeared last night after Jermaine Paul was crowned The Voice? It was as if she were bored with the whole scene. And what was with those ridiculous sparkling shorts? Oh, well–Christina’s fashion faux pas are for another article completely.

How would The Voice fare without Christina? And who might be a suitable replacement for her if she doesn’t return to the next season of the show?

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