Is Christina Aguilera’s New Boyfriend to Blame for Her Mishaps?

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Christina Aguilera’s friends apparently do not feel that her new man Matt Rutler is any good for her.

There’s no doubting that Christina has had a rough couple of months between the lukewarm album and movie reviews. Adding to that a divorce and a couple rather rough live performances heard ’round the world. It’s no longer a secret that the girl’s not at the top of her game.

However, when she found love with Matt, the world was ready to cheer her on and to hope that her life – both personal as well as professional – were making a dramatic and much needed upswing.

Unfortunately, according to Christina’s friends, Matt might instead be a key player in her traumatic downward spiral. Her friends took to People to speak out about how they feel Matt is bad for her.

According to a report by Perez Hilton, her unnamed friends claim that Matt is a “bad influence on her” and he “never tells her to slow down.”

In light of the now infamous Super Bowl performance where it was speculated that Christina may have been drunk this starts a thought process that Matt might be contributing to her latest flubs.

You’d think that if he cared for her truly, he’d tell her to hold back a bit on her lifestyle choices. Or whatever it is that he’s not telling that keeps her from slowing down. However, the friend’s words were vague and didn’t specifically state exactly what she’s doing too much, as well how exactly he’s influencing her negatively.

With some luck Matt will either start to be there for her, or she’ll have the presence of mind to split with him.

What do you think? Is Matt responsible for her latest series of erratic behavior? Weigh in below.

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