Is ‘Dancing With the Stars’ All-Star, Giles Marini, Already Hurt?

Actor and past Dancing With the Stars contestant, Gilles Marini, is looking forward to his all-star comeback. That’s despite the injuries he’s certain he’ll sustain. In fact, he may have one already.

Marini suffered several problems when he did the dancing competition the first time around. “I pulled my groin the first week,” he told E! News. Then “I got tendonitis here and there.” He went on to talk about his shoulder fracture, which required surgery to repair.

However, Gilles says he’s not letting any of that get him down or stop him from competing once again. “I’ll do it to the death,” he announced emphatically.

According to Marini, he was upset at first when he found out he wouldn’t be dancing with former partner, Cheryl Burke. Instead, he got paired with last cycle’s tall, leggy blonde champion, Peta Murgatroyd. However, he admits that the new champ is sweet and “a genius” when it comes to dancing.

While the dancers haven’t started to work together as of yet, Marini says he started pre-training. That’s where he hurt his left knee. He thinks it is an MCL injury. However, he says that won’t keep him from dancing a single step.

The highly anticipated Dancing With the Stars All-Star edition is full of past winners and those who just missed out on the trophy the first time around. Among them, Marini is a definite favorite. He’s charming, good-looking, funny and actually talented too. That could come together to let him capture the first all-star title. That is, if he can keep the injuries at bay.

Who is your odd-son favorite to win this year? Sound off below.

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