Is Demi Lovato Headed Back to Rehab?

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Is Demi Lovato headed back to rehab? Those close to the Skyscraper singer fear that’s exactly what’s going to happen if she doesn’t clean up her act–and quickly, too. It seems she’s been doing a bit more partying than someone who spent a few months in rehab should be doing.

According to Hollywood Life, Demi appears to be falling back into what is being called her ‘party-girl ways.’ And that’s not a good thing for someone who battled drug and alcohol issues, along with struggles with depression, bipolar disorder and self-mutilation by cutting. Drugs and booze shouldn’t be in the picture at all for someone with this kind of background.

Demi Lovato seemed to be doing so well lately, too. She was so excited over the release and success of her new single Skyscraper. And she’s been reintegrating herself back into the celebrity world. Will that world simply prove to be too much for the former Camp Rock star?

Demi has admitted recently that she’s not fully recovered, and that there will be times when she will slip up.

“I’m going to mess up and I’m not going to be perfect,” she recently said.

However this shouldn’t be an excuse for putting herself in situations where it’s a bit too tempting to decline the many offers that accompany celebrity nightlife.

Demi Lovato will reportedly be celebrating her 19th birthday in August in Las Vegas. This might not be a great idea either. There are more temptations in that city–hence the name Sin City–than there are most places in the entire United States.

Perhaps it’s time for Demi’s parents to step in once again and help lead their daughter back onto that straight and narrow path. Had they not stepped in before and taken her to rehab, it’s hard telling what might have happened.

Do you think Demi Lovato needs to go back to rehab–or is she simply in desperate need of a bit more adult supervision at this stage of the game?

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