Is Demi Lovato Recording a Duet With Justin Bieber?

Are Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber recording a duet together? She is working feverishly on her new album and it will reportedly include a duet with a famous recording artist. Demi already has one hit single that will appear on the album. Skyscraper has zoomed up the charts since its release. A duet with the Biebs could make the entire album soar.

According to Hollywood Life, Demi was visited at her Miami recording studio earlier on Friday by none other than Justin Bieber. Of course Justin was in the area supporting girlfriend Selena Gomez, whose tour kicked off in Boca Raton on Thursday night. But could he have been visiting Demi at her studio for the purpose of recording a duet?

Sources say that since the drive from Boca Raton to Miami is an hour, that it wouldn’t be all that unusual for Justin to be there visiting Demi Lovato on business–which in this case would be the recording of a duet. On top of that, a tweet fired off by Sebastian–who is also recording with Demi, along with Timbaland, hints at some special guests at the studio.

“Wow we had some special guests top by in the @ddlovato session today. Could it be a super duet in the process. Stay tuned!” Sebastian’s tweet read.

Sounds like Demi Lovato’s album is going to turn out to be something really special. Timbaland? Sebastian? Wow! She’s even been recording with Missy Elliot, too. The addition of a duet with Justin Bieber will all but guarantee a major hit when this album is released.

So what do you think? Was Justin Bieber visiting Demi Lovato just because the two are friends? Or was it a business call–one that will culminate in a fabulous duet on an upcoming hit album?

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