Is Demi Moore a Closeted Bisexual?

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Some reports circulating the Internet and network news are indicating that Demi Moore’s divorce-inducing marital problems may have stemmed from a situation the star herself started—namely threesomes that involved her, Ashton Kutcher, and random third parties of the female persuasion. Apparently, the threesomes weren’t about spicing up the marriage between the two actors, but instead a way for Demi to indulge her closeted bisexual tendencies.

The Daily Mail featured an extensive write-up that included quotes such as the following: “Demi is attracted to women just as much as men, so she didn’t always get all she needed from Ashton.” This goes hand-in-hand with the bombs Chelsea Handler dropped to Piers Morgan about Demi and Ashton engaging in the threesomes that led to Ashton hooking up with other women outside of the marriage without Demi. It is unlikely that Chelsea would have made such a claim without knowing that it was true, which means it probably is true.

What does that mean? It would mean that Demi Moore is a bisexual woman who sought to hide her sexuality with the façade of a happy, vital marriage. She was fine engaging in a ménage à trois behind closed doors, but didn’t want the general public to know her secrets. When the secrets started coming out, she had to back out of the marriage to save as much face as possible, and maybe, just maybe, make those secrets look like dirty little rumors instead.

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